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The Dragon Stones

Black Obsidian Tower

Black Obsidian Tower

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What is obsidian?

Black Obsidian is a common igneous rock formed from rapidly cooling lava following a volcanic eruption. It can be easily shaped into tools, including arrowheads, and was used in prehistoric tools for hundreds of thousands of years.  Today it is still highly-desired as a metaphysical tool.

Metaphysical Properties

Part of what makes it so unique is both the mirror quality it has and its considerable sharpness, which is what gives it first the ability to reflect the negative energies around you and put them back in their place, and second, to cut through the illusory world that we create with our emotions and past experiences and that so often clouds our senses.

Physical Healing Properties

Now, when it comes to its physical healing properties, this is an amazing stone to help with your digestive system, bladder issues, and high blood pressure. Not only that, but it can also help your muscle tissues and help with infections in general.

When it comes to wealth, love, and putting order in your life, it’s a stone that will give you some extra insight, which comes from being aware of your own faults so you can make better decisions for the future.


When it comes to relationships, Obsidian will also affect the people around you, helping clean the negative energies around those you hold dear and showing and making clear to everyone involved what needs to change in order to improve your relationships.

Finally, its ability to cut through mental clutter makes it great for recovering from a broken heart, helping you with the grief of a past relationship and showing always the positive side of moving on.

Tower is decorated with a silver painted Chinese dragon

Approx. 9" tall

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