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The Dragon Stones

Sodalite Tower

Sodalite Tower

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What is sodalite?

Sodalite is a rich blue ornamental mineral originally discovered in Greenland in 1806. The name Sodalite reflects the stone's sodium content. Sodalite is found in all shades of blue.

It is a major constituent of the rock lapis lazuli, so the two are easily confused. However, unlike lapis lazuli, sodalite very rarely contains brassy pyrite specks. 

The most important source of sodalite is Bancroft in Ontario, Canada. Bancroft is called the "Mineral Capital of Canada" because of its unique area geology. There are really only three large deposits of sodalite in the world and they are all in Canada: Bancroft, Dungannon Township and Hastings County, Ontario. It is for this reason that sodalite is known as the gem of Canada.

Sodalite Healing Powers

Sometimes called the wisdom stone, sodalite is said to enhance concentration and bolster courage. The stone is believed to have many positive attributes when it comes to its wearer's emotions.

It supposedly provides health the mind and emotions. It clears out negativity and unnecessary guilt, promotes clear thinking, rids one of fears and confusion, increases stability, and generates harmony with others, as well as the inner self.

There are many positive attributes of the stone for the physical body as well. Sodalite is said to help the body maintain a healthy and stable metabolism, ease sleep disorders, strengthen immune responses of the body and the lymph system, and aid the thyroid.

Approx. 6" tall

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