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The Dragon Stones

Green Fluorite Tower

Green Fluorite Tower

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What Is Fluorite?

Fluorite originates from the Latin word "fluor," which means "flow." The stone was given this unique name due to its ability to shine under UV light; it is often described as crystal fluorescence.
Fluorite comes in a series of delicate designs that are symmetrical, beautiful, and hold a lot of spiritual qualities. The stone is linked to beauty, lucid dreaming, and enhancing the IQ of an individual, turning them into a genius.
Fluorite has a healing energy that attracts new dimensions of peace and serenity. Whether these powers are absorbed through meditation, placement, or any other form, the strength of the stone ensures that the user enjoys a rare experience.
The design of the stone reminds the users of the grandeur of the universe and all that it holds. Despite such a vast universe, each star, planet, and human has a place. Fluorite represents this harmony and beauty of the universe—how the universe works with such harmonious cooperation.

Green Fluorite Healing Powers

This crystal aids in healing of all kinds. It promotes self-love, removes blockages, and helps us establish broader mindsets. It also aids in boosting creativity and discovering unique ideas.

Green fluorite is excellent for detoxifying the body and helping heal diseases such as heart disease, digestive disorders, arthritis, and fungal infections.

As the color suggests, the stone is linked to nature and reconnects the individual to their roots. It brings abundance, prosperity, and more!

Approx. 4.5" tall

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